Monday, 20 September 2010

oui nide iou

i found this postcard pinned up in a restaurant in the 10th. it turns out he is a superhero created in the '70s called Superdupont. with french nationalist undertones he fights against the "anti-france", that's right fellow ex-pats, a wonderful melting-pot of all things foreign. i think it's beautifully drawn and love the play on words. voila!

Thursday, 16 September 2010

if it pleases you

one of the ways i found myself keeping track of my progress with the french language has been during visits to the beautician. there was a sudden revelation where i found i was able to make small talk for an entire 20 minute period with legs akimbo. having tried out a variety of different esth├ęticiennes i have found one i like, she's thorough and quick, maybe a little surly but i'm not there to make friends. in my friend making experience, asking for a pair of paper knickers and showing him/her your hairy vajayjay is not the way to go about it. then again, i suppose it depends on the type of friend you're trying to make.

in any case, on one particular visit, whilst concentrating hard on not sharing the windy aftermath of my lunch i found myself also having to stop myself from laughing, mostly because i didn't want to try and explain what had just occurred to me. having asked me to do "the frog" when you drop your knees to both sides, the princess place perfecter then asked if i would like my crack waxed to which i said "s'il vous pla├«t", a polite yes please. the problem was i found myself analysing the direct translation "if it pleases you" and the idea that this poor girl could gain any enjoyment out of me spreading my buttocks so that she can get up close and personal with my behind gave me the giggles. fortunately playing the crazy foreigner can cover up such discrepancies.