Monday, 21 February 2011


i regret to follow up on my last post with another somber toned account of winter in paris. it's nearing the end of february and there are still shops with their christmas decorations up. i'm all for not letting things go to waste but rather than adding warmth to the grey streets it only accentuates the somber feel. of what i remember from last year this drags on into mid-april with abandoned christmas trees in varying states of decay littering the roads. i started a collection of photographs of trees i have seen on my walks. to me they have a certain beaten puppy look about them which pulls at my heart strings.

things are picking up though. i'm feeling more motivated to use the free time that i have more productively and to make more use of what paris has to offer - i haven't been to an exhibition since basquiat. i'm in the process of making a list of european cities i would like to visit. there's something about being on mainland europe that makes weekend trips feel more feasible than when i was in london. i've also just moved up in the world; into the roof of a haussmann in the 20th. that took a lot of time and organising but i'm finally feeling comfortable and at home for the first time since i arrived. spring is just around the corner, i might go and decorate some christmas trees with blossom to cheer them up a little.

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